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Citizens and businesses expect from Government improved services and deeper engagement. Public servants expect easier tools, applications & devices that work anytime, anywhere. One big issue is that over time central and local public administration gathered enormous volumes of information on paper. Every day, public institutions issue and receive hundreds of documents that require complex operational flows development without losing control over the budget. To respond these expectations public institutions have to obtain operational efficiency and deliver quality services for citizens.


  • Reduce costs with paper based workflows
  • Electronic Conversion and tagging of documents for electronic archiving. Flexible, easy to enrich tagging model by ordinary business user
  • Reuse the electronic information
  • Concurrent access to data and documents, any time, every where connectivity exists (including mobile devices)
  • Secured access based on security levels, rules and policies to data and documents
  • Compliance with legal regulations. File plan, retention and back-up for important documents and data
  • Optimize system architecture / decommission legacy systems

Industry expectation

Government workers and leaders expect to connect with citizens, co-workers and other agencies in an efficient, cost-effective way

  • Provide broader and personalized services to citizens
  • Increase information sharing
  • Reduce travel and communications costs
  • Increase productivity among government workers and leaders with cross-agency collaboration

Public Servants expect tools and applications that work anywhere

  • Work intelligently from anywhere
  • Reach out to the right colleague or official in another government agency quickly
  • Work in a trusted, secure infrastructure
  • Integrate with other productivity tools to share documents, emails, calendars, case management

 Government Leaders expect to easily communicate to constituents and staff

  • Improve transparency in government; gain public trust
  • Reach citizens quickly and cost-effectively
  • Communicate emergency messages
  • Save taxpayer money
  • Reduce environmental impact

Citizens expect greater access to government

  • Simplify connectivity to government;
  • Improve intelligent online government services; provide an alternative to counter service and web access;
  • Resolve citizen issues faster

Solution profiles for Public Sector industry

Solution Profile  1

Supplier Invoice Processing

Invoices received from suppliers can be processed quickly and efficiently by using this solution, which helps both the specialized financial departments, and the persons that order and receive goods and services. The solution allows the automatic processing of invoices from suppliers and their "linking" to the order or agreement, as well as the associated reception notification. Using BPMS type techniques and electronic archiving, it manages current invoices, as well as the invoices from the historical archive and their associated documents (NVR, Notices, Difference protocol). The solution allows as well the synchronization of invoice associated metadata and the creation of links...
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Solution Profile  2

Digital Mailroom and Correspondence Management

Transform your mailroom into a valuable strategic asset for your organization. With enterprise class functionalities for registration, scanning, data capture and automatic document routing capabilities your knowledge workers can harness the entire power of information exactly when they need it for better and faster business decisions.   Digital Mailroom Use advanced document capture, classification, data extraction and business workflow integration to digitize and intelligently route all of your company correspondence reducing cost, freeing up valuable resources and improving business productivity.   Electronic Registry Eliminate the risk of losing documents or erroneous classification using a companywide centralized electronic registry ensuring document...
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Solution Profile  3

Property Documentation Management

Technical Locations Management  - customers' documents are imported and managed in the folder structure of this application, based on a client classification periodically imported from ERP. Their organization is realized according to the distribution network that they belong to. For each new document, the system automatically generates a unique registration number.
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Solution Profile  4

Electronic Archive Management

StarCapture application transforms paper documents into electronic documents and extracts the useful information, allowing later quick access and capitalizing them throughout the organization, reduce the storage costs and the use of paper documents.
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Solution Profile  5

Virtual Data Room

Financial institutions continue to struggle with information overload and paper processing. Legacy systems can’t manage all types of content that are part of the case. Virtual customer file is thus the right solution. What is a Virtual Customer File? Contains processes, tasks, data and documents; Some activities can be shared by multiple users; Declares reached milestones; All aspects are visible; Contains policies for decisions and how information is managed; Collaborations - accounting for how and why decisions were made.
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Case studies

Eliminating extensive paper handling at DIPI

"Some of the key which have ensured the success of this project have been Star Storage team extensive experience and high qualification in implementation of information management integrated systems. We were very pleased and also happy because we worked with a truly reliable partner - Star Storage." said Adina MACOVEI, Commissioner Police Chief, Project Manager in the MTEMIDTA project of the General Directorate for Intelligence and Internal Protection.

The General Directorate for Intelligence and Internal Protection is the specialized structure of the Ministry of Administration and Interior which carries out intelligence activities, with the view to ensuring the public order, as well as to preventing and countering threats to national security concerning the missions, personnel and information within the Ministry of Administration and Interior.

The General Directorate for Intelligence and Internal Protection is a component of the Ministry of Administration and Interior, in charge of collecting, processing, storing, protecting and valorizing the intelligence necessary for the accomplishment of the Ministry of Administration and Interior tasks, according to the law.

The General Directorate for Intelligence and Internal Protection cooperates through the National Registry Office for Classified Information with the N.A.T.O. Office of Security, and the EU Security Council for the implementation of the N.A.T.O. and E.U. standards for the protection of classified information within the Ministry of Administration and Interior.


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