Solution present in: StarCapture Desktop

Virtual Data Room

Financial institutions continue to struggle with information overload and paper processing. Legacy systems can’t manage all types of content that are part of the case. Virtual customer file is thus the right solution.

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Solution present in: Starcapture Anywhere

Electronic Archive Management

In the current business environment highly competitive the information is the most important resource of organizations, and that, in most cases is found in documents on paper. Capture systems (scanning, cataloging) of information represents the first step in the performance of the information management, allowing the conversion of documents from physical format into electronic format, as well as extracting the informations required from them.

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Property Documentation Management

Customers’ documents are imported and managed in the folder structure of the application. It allows fast or advanced search, depending on the viewing rights preset for each user. The application allows the adding, the editing and the deletion of technical locations.

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Supplier Invoice Processing

Invoices received from suppliers can be processed quickly and efficiently by using this solution, which helps both the specialized financial departments, and the persons that order and receive goods and services.

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Solution present in: Starcapture Enterprise

Customer Engagement

Empower your field force and enroll more customers Especially created for your mobile sales force to help drive in more contracts and customers this solution increases your office independence and ultimately streamlines your revenue. Be where your customers are! Be Mobile! Get more contracts rolling without worrying about your client’s location and streamline new customer registration activities within your company IT systems such as BI, ERP, CRM!

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