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What is Customer Engagement?

Empower your field force and enroll more customers. Especially created for your mobile sales force to help drive in more contracts and customers this solution increases your office independence and ultimately streamlines your revenue. Be where your customers are! Be Mobile! Get more contracts rolling without worrying about your client's location and streamline new customer registration activities within your company IT systems such as BI, ERP, CRM!


Apply signatures on the document, using only the tablet device, validating them automatically with the recorded signature specimen. You can apply electronic signatures secured with digital certificates for complete trust.

We know that mobility and agile responses to your customer enquiries are hard to get competitive advantages! With StarCapture Anywhere you now have right at your fingertips an out-of-the-box solution to help you bring in more business directly from customer's location!


Now available both as on premises solution or as a service with zero initial investment so your acquisition director will love it! Access a simple and efficient solution to help you take the relationship with your customers to the next level by signing or renewing  contracts with just a few taps on your tablet or clicks on your computer (PC's or laptops).

Automatically collect with no errors all identification data for your customers, directly from their ID's, with a simple screen tap and fill in directly, simple and hassle free, captured data patterns in contracts or in other forms!


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