What is StarCapture?

StarCapture products provide a comprehensive, multichannel platform for document and data capture with advanced capabilities for securely capturing all types of inbound documents and information, wherever it is first available.

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StarCapture product family

StarCapture is not a single product but an entire suite, designed to supply for all capturing data needs of today's companies.

StarCapture Desktop

Ad-hoc Standalone Capture - Single user interface for document capture with all imaging functionalities included and best existing data model flexibility for business user.

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StarCapture Enterprise

Enterprise Document Capture automation - Advanced document imaging workflows platform for enterprise processing centers in centralized, distributed or mixed scenarios for scanning, image processing, OCR, data correction and validation.

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StarCapture Anywhere

An innovative multi-channel solution (in branch, mobile, from home) that reduces the costs and time for customers and employees interactions through the use of form recognition, document composition and digital and biometric signatures.

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Find out how companies from every industry and size, harness the power of StarCapture in order to grow.

Why do you need to go paperless?

Go paperless and streamline your company processes. You have permanent access to ypur documents from anywhere and on any device.


of companies obtained a 40% decrease of physical paper storage costs.

A paper file is currently copied 19 times


of companies are piled high with paper and paper processes.

For every 1 Euro spent on creating a document, there is a 3 Euro management cost.


of companies currently scan documents but mostly for archive.

Companies spend 12 Euro to classify a document, 80 Euro to find a wrongly classified document and 150 Euro to recreate a lost one.

Key market trends and resources

Find out the latest market trends and take advantage of valuable resources enabling you to grow your business.

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Benefits from implementing a multichannel platform for document and data capture

All your data and documents are safe an accesible wherever from any device.

How StarCapture helps you?

StarCapture enables organizations to act and adapt quickly to market needs by getting information from paper, quickly and accurately.

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