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Oil&Gas industry

Ensure regulatory compliance and reduce risks.


Due to digital technologies companies are able to reshape the business models around the actual trends (digital transformation, cloud, mobility, IoT), reduce risks and costs, expedite processes, increase operational efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance with effective information management.

Trends and Challenges

  • Ensure regulatory compliance and reduce risks. A massive amount of controlled documentation is necessary in the Oil and Gas industry, where a mistake at any level can affect a human life or your organization’s reputation;
  • Automate processes and increase operational efficiency. Operational excellence is vital in the oil and gas industry, where prices are unpredictable, demands are ever-increasing and strong scrutiny dwells. Accurate document management is crucial for you to manage and maintain the plants, installation, refineries and other assets.

Solution profiles for Oil & Gas industry

An unique place for storing the project documentation

Solution Profile  1

Accounts Payable Automation

Accounts payable plays now a front line role in corporate financial strategy and this generates allot of pressure for accounting managers to handle processes faster, deliver more accurate data to support business decisions while reducing costs at the same time. That’s why we created Accounts Payable Automation solution. Now you can empower your department to eliminate laborious manual data entry and gain valuable time to deliver actionable insights to key decisions makers, company wide. With a multi-channel invoice data capture approach it doesn’t matter anymore the channel trough which invoices come in (mail, e-mail, on-line). All are channeled to a...
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Solution Profile  2

Supplier Invoice Processing

Invoices received from suppliers can be processed quickly and efficiently by using this solution, which helps both the specialized financial departments, and the persons that order and receive goods and services. The solution allows the automatic processing of invoices from suppliers and their "linking" to the order or agreement, as well as the associated reception notification. Using BPMS type techniques and electronic archiving, it manages current invoices, as well as the invoices from the historical archive and their associated documents (NVR, Notices, Difference protocol). The solution allows as well the synchronization of invoice associated metadata and the creation of links...
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Solution Profile  3

Digital Mailroom and Correspondence Management

Transform your mailroom into a valuable strategic asset for your organization. With enterprise class functionalities for registration, scanning, data capture and automatic document routing capabilities your knowledge workers can harness the entire power of information exactly when they need it for better and faster business decisions.   Digital Mailroom Use advanced document capture, classification, data extraction and business workflow integration to digitize and intelligently route all of your company correspondence reducing cost, freeing up valuable resources and improving business productivity.   Electronic Registry Eliminate the risk of losing documents or erroneous classification using a companywide centralized electronic registry ensuring document...
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Solution Profile  4

Property Documentation Management

Technical Locations Management  - customers' documents are imported and managed in the folder structure of this application, based on a client classification periodically imported from ERP. Their organization is realized according to the distribution network that they belong to. For each new document, the system automatically generates a unique registration number.
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Solution Profile  5

Electronic Archive Management

StarCapture application transforms paper documents into electronic documents and extracts the useful information, allowing later quick access and capitalizing them throughout the organization, reduce the storage costs and the use of paper documents.
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Solution Profile  6

Virtual Data Room

Financial institutions continue to struggle with information overload and paper processing. Legacy systems can’t manage all types of content that are part of the case. Virtual customer file is thus the right solution. What is a Virtual Customer File? Contains processes, tasks, data and documents; Some activities can be shared by multiple users; Declares reached milestones; All aspects are visible; Contains policies for decisions and how information is managed; Collaborations - accounting for how and why decisions were made.
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Solution Profile  7

Technical Documentation Management

Technical Documentation Management solution is a component of "Star Storage Solutions Factory - Real Business Solutions, not Platforms!". Technical Documentation Management - it allows the tree organization of documents - downstream, midstream and upstream -  structured on hierarchical levels (stations, station projects, functioning, etc.);
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Solution Profile  8

Engineering Documentation Management

It is a ‘Pre Built’, configurable solution aimed at the oil and gas market place. Ready for rapid deployment and reuse of projects and processes. It is a “Pre-Build” solution that enable oil and gas companies to accurately manage their engineering documentation and communication processes in a consistent and controlled way. Provides an unique place for storing the project documentation in order to reuse anytime, anywhere this documentation. The engineering and operations teams benefit from a single source of information for the project deliverables with security aligned with everybody’s roles and responsibilities at every stage of the project (design /...
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