Around the customer and actual trends

Declining revenues, new competitors entering the industry with new business models / ideas unburdened by legacy systems put pressure on the profitability of many telecoms today. Disruption is inevitable, so telecom companies must decide whether they will be among the disruptors or if they will simply follow the leaders.

The power of digital technologies is used to reshape their business models around the customer and to adopt new revolutionary models for service-building as the cloud, SDN (software-defined networking) and NFV (network functions virtualization). Telecom companies need to Capitalize on Cloud & SaaS (Software as a Service) to achieve growth and profitability.

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Public Sector

Optimize industry system

Citizens and businesses expect from Government improved services and deeper engagement. Public servants expect easier tools, applications & devices that work anytime, anywhere. One big issue is that over time central and local public administration gathered enormous volumes of information on paper. Every day, public institutions issue and receive hundreds of documents that require complex operational flows development without losing control over the budget. To respond these expectations public institutions have to obtain operational efficiency and deliver quality services for citizens.

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Construction and Engineering

Every day activity require a huge volume of documentation is necessary in the Architectural, Engineering & Construction industry.

Since the 4th of April, 2016 a legal addendum named BIM LEVEL 2 is introduced as a requirement for all government construction projects, defining what, when and how information should be created, shared and managed. Now it’s the responsibility of the contractors to demonstrate that they are Level 2 BIM-ready by detailing the processes and tools that will use to meet the project requirements and adhere to the new standards.

Every day activity require a huge volume of documentation is necessary in the Architectural, Engineering & Construction industry. In order to minimize any risks, companies need to reduce costs with paper based workflows, automate processes, ensure regulatory compliance, have access to data and documents anytime and everywhere connectivity exists (including mobile devices) to build, manage and maintain critical construction & engineering assets.

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This industry needs a modern solution to address real-world challenges

The medical system is faced with the outstanding task of managing the surging volume and increased dispersion of administrative data while also providing fast and effective medical services.

Every 2 years healthcare data has an increase of 300% and unfortunately only 28% of the hospitals are scanning all patient records.

This industry needs a modern healthcare solution to address real-world challenges, needs to use electronic conversion solutions on a daily base in compliance with legal regulations and be able to access all the electronic information any time, everywhere connectivity exists (including mobile devices), but also to reduce costs with paper based workflows.

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Energy and Utilities

Star Storage solutions for the Next Generation Energy

Companies in energy sector are enhancing multichannel experiences to engage customers and meet their needs effectively, positioning themselves in the center of an ecosystem selling energy and non-energy services.

As a massive amount of controlled documentation is necessary, and any mistake may affect a human life or the organization’s reputation, companies need to ensure regulatory compliance, reduce risks, automate processes and increase operational efficiency.

Digital platforms are the next wave of change. The platform revolution will offer an opportunity to develop an entire system for electricity and beyond, spanning across the digital and physical worlds.

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Financial institutions must decide whether they will be among the disruptors or if they will simply follow the leaders

We are living in a fast moving world where customers are less loyal and more demanding, new competitors are entering the industry with new ideas unburdened by legacy systems. Declining revenues and rising costs, put pressure on the profitability of many Financial Services companies today.

Next generation banking considers integrated multichannel architecture and advanced digital advisory for real-time banking, sales force effectiveness powered by enhanced digital channels, consistent sales behaviors and tools, but also cost-effective back-office and enforced compliance through paperless operations, process automation and information governance.

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Oil & Gas

Ensure regulatory compliance and reduce risks.

Due to digital technologies companies are able to reshape the business models around the actual trends (digital transformation, cloud, mobility, IoT), reduce risks and costs, expedite processes, increase operational efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance with effective information management.

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