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What is Digital Mailroom and Correspondence Management?

Our solution enables control over the company's mail, both incoming and outgoing, offering scanning, data capture and automatic document routing capabilities.


Transform your mailroom into a valuable strategic asset for your organization. With enterprise class functionalities for registration, scanning, data capture and automatic document routing capabilities your knowledge workers can harness the entire power of information exactly when they need it for better and faster business decisions.


Digital Mailroom

Use advanced document capture, classification, data extraction and business workflow integration to digitize and intelligently route all of your company correspondence reducing cost, freeing up valuable resources and improving business productivity.


Electronic Registry

Eliminate the risk of losing documents or erroneous classification using a companywide centralized electronic registry ensuring document traceability. Increase business process efficiency through automated notifications tools and task allocation.


Correspondence Management

Automate mailroom process and correspondence distribution to the right person and processes, quickly register, classify and automatically route any piece of incoming or outgoing business communication, identify and extract relevant content from paper and electronic correspondence.

Challenges and problems

Market needs and motivation

  • Increasing inbound communication arriving through all channels;
  • Need for even faster reaction on queries in order to improve the customer experience;
  • Competitive pressure to increase productivity, quality and transparency;
  • Cost reduction  by minimizing manual work processes and physical storage;
  • Meeting compliance standards and acting environmentally responsible;
  • Long response times / penalties due to delayed processing and distribution of documents;
  • High costs for photocopying and distributing physical documents;
  • Difficult document tracking - registration of / access to documents (inbound/outbound/internal) and their distribution to different authorized persons is laborious and hard to follow;
  • Low efficiency - in a workflow the ratio between working time and waiting time is 1:4.


Customer challenges and issues

  • Delayed response to customer requirements due to significant time lost for information retrieval;
  • Difficult distribution of information between authroized users from inside or outside of the company;
  • Loss/damage of documents;
  • Lack of visibility concerning organizational processes;
  • Inadequate decision support due to poor access to relevant business data;
  • Ensure security related to information access;
  • Faster and more accurate decision - making processes.

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