Multichannel Customer Engagement

Automatic processing for power network branching and extensions requests

Ultra-Fast registration and processing of Customers Requests, Complaints and Notifications

Manage and reduce the waiting time in branches for the customers

Traceable and auditable flows for all business processes from initiation to closing

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Medical Archive Management

The medical system is faced with the outstanding task of managing the surging volume and increased dispersion of administrative data while also providing fast and effective medical services. With the help of our robust solution for accessing, organizing, storing and protecting administrative and healthcare documents, you can now focus on your medical services while reducing the time for administrative activities.

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Solution present in: Starcapture Anywhere

Zero Distance Banking

Balance the need for cost-efficiency and higher expert resources utilization with the need for premium quality and personalized financial services desired by your customers. Access a captivating multichannel customer engagement solution that will clearly differentiate your company from competitors, decrease front and back-office operating costs and increase your revenues & customer loyalty.

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