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AIIM White Paper:
Creating the simple

Key findings

- 40% of respondents report having a number of paper free processes already in place;
- 14% are actively looking at every process to decommission paper and move to a digital centric way of business
- 51% of respondents in paperless offices cited improved searchability and shareability of business documents
- 46% of respondents in paperless offices cited improved process productivity

At its core, the movement to build a paper free workplace is about simplicity. Enterprise processes, business critical tasks, and the way we manipulate and utilize information are more effective and user-friendly when physical paper is replaced with a digital format. Simplicity is important, because our organizations are comprised of a series of moving parts, all performing complex tasks and making complex decisions; the less complicated and unwieldy the enterprise is to the end users, the better. Without support to simplify enterprise operations, tasks, and technology, employees have a more difficult time of doing their jobs. The result is disruption in productivity radiating throughout the company.

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