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Pierre Audoin Consultants Germany:
Trend Report for Digital Content

About Peirre Audoin Consulting report

The TREND STUDY, that involved more than 100 German companies, was conducted by PAC on behalf of Star Storage and Hitachi Data Systems and it analyzes how German companies are using digitization to create added value and improve the efficiency of their document-based processes. PAC conducted half of the interviews with IT managers, and the other half with managers from other specialist areas.

Report key findings

- Over 80% of all companies already practice digital content management;
- 30% of companies see a barrier to process digitization because of the complexity of these processes;
- The majority of companies (64%) have at least developed guidelines for managing
documents and information, although these guidelines are more advanced among service providers;
- Companies were asked to evaluate the content management software that they are currently using, based on different factors. 65% find that the software they use is inadequately integrated into other IT systems.

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