Smart solutions built on top of advanced products: Engineering Documentation Management

What is Engineering Documentation Management?

A single source of information for the project deliverables


  • It is a ‘Pre Built’, configurable solution aimed at the oil and gas market place. Ready for rapid deployment and reuse of projects and processes.
  • It is a “Pre-Build” solution that enable oil and gas companies to accurately manage their engineering documentation and communication processes in a consistent and controlled way.
  • Provides an unique place for storing the project documentation in order to reuse anytime, anywhere this documentation.
  • The engineering and operations teams benefit from a single source of information for the project deliverables with security aligned with everybody’s roles and responsibilities at every stage of the project (design / pre-construction, build, handover, operation)
  • Solution is accessible to external contractors in a secured web interface
  • Mobile access (native iOS, Android apps) available for field productivity


  • Assure safe and rigorous document delivery
  • Enable RACI based document review and approvals
  • Provide an easy to use way to access documents, especially on low bandwidth and on mobile devices

As any kind of a document management solution, the main objective of an Engineering Documentation Management (EDM) solution is to provide an unique place for storing the engineering documentation that was submitted by the customer’s external business partners, in order to reuse anytime, anywhere this documentation.

The EDM solution offers support functions to a wide range of roles:

  • For document controllers to monitor and administer the documentation transfer process
  • For key function persons which need to approve and review documentation
  • For all persons involved in order to access and exchange documentation

Challenges and problems

  • Engineering projects require strict control of documentation deliverables from contractors
  • Validated documentation needs to be provided quickly and securely to the whole team
  • Project relevant communication needs to be captured and recorded

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