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What is ID scanning?

Mobile image capture is more and more interesting for Line of Businesses and not only for IT, offering a fast ROI for major business processes. As a result, Line of Business have a growing stake in technology / vendor choice. Line of Business needs "Ready-to-Go" platforms, agile and flexible to accommodate specific customization and not customized application developed for their own specific needs.


Mobile image capture is very useful in business processes

  • Horizontal: lead generation, ID Scanning, customer enrollment / account opening, asset inventory, field services, etc.);
  • Vertical specific like financial services (customer engagement, balance transfer, bill payments) or healthcare (patient communication & care, e-prescription, medication monitoring, etc.).

Challenges and problems

  • The front office processes have to fast and secure;
  • Reduce time for completing forms;
  • Collect personnel data fast and accurate.

StarCapture is a flexible platform for easy administration and configuration. Designed for integration with core systems, storage systems and DMS the solution is a front office applications that supports frequent changes in content, flows, security rules and export procedures without the need for change requests.

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