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What is Insurance Claims Processing?

Claim processing solution is a component of "Star Storage Solutions Factory - Real Business Solutions, not Platforms!"


Damage files management - it allows the simultaneous creation of several damage file solving requests through the same interface; it automatically takes over the damage case; it automatically assigns a unique number for each case;

Events, notifications or flows - predefined routing flows of newly open cases and of closed ones; setting up of retention policies for cases closed according to the laws in force and to the internal procedures;

Automatic e-mail notification when a case is open/ assigned/closed; definition of alerts; customization of automatic notifications;


Reporting instruments - it generates productivity reports for the employees; it applies filters based on: the damage type, the status of the case, the stage of the case, the distribution channel etc.;

Process management - it coordinates systems and personnel; it applies business regulations; it integrates with other applications (SAP, ECM, CRM, core business, etc.); it extracts data from documents in order to allow their automatic customization;

Quick access to the data - online access to content, regardless of the document type (images, Police reports, medical reports etc.); overviews of all the documents of the client, damage files, business transactions;

Automatic keeping, storage and archiving - registrations management and conformity with the in force regulations.

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