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What is Multichannel customer engagement?

On-site client operation and real-time secure and automated data collection


  • Slow moving of the Sales Team? Do you need a reliable and easy mobile”office” integrated solution for Customer Engagement for any number of products/services ?
  • Do you need on-site client operation and real-time secure and automated data collection (ID info automated extraction, smart forms completion and signing, information sent to HQ as soon as possible)?
  • The salesforce transformed in administrative personnel, low focus on the actual sales process
  • Data collection errors in the customer enrollment process
  • Low processing speed for data collection and validation
  • Paper based process - High administrative costs for distributed sales operations
  • Asynchronous process – data collection on paper, case processing later in back-office;


  • On the Field / Mobile:
    • Contracting new customers (Households and Business)
    • Extensions and other specific contractual requests
    • Re-contracting
  • In the Branches / Front desks / Online:
    • Automatic processing for power network branching and extensions requests
    • Ultra-Fast registration and processing of Customers Requests, Complaints and Notifications
    • Manage and reduce the waiting time in branches for the customers
    • Traceable and auditable flows for all business processes from initiation to closing

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