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Zero Distance Banking

Balance the need for cost-efficiency and higher expert resources utilization with the need for premium quality and personalized financial services desired by your customers. Access a captivating multichannel customer engagement solution that will clearly differentiate your company from competitors, decrease front and back-office operating costs and increase your revenues & customer loyalty.


Declining revenues and rising costs, put pressure on the profitability of many financial services organizations (banks, insurance) today. Moreover, in today’s fast moving world, where customers are less loyal and more demanding, new competitors are entering the industry with new ideas unburdened by legacy systems.
By having multiple branches that experience varying levels of traffic, expensive overhead coming from under-utilization is carried by the financial services industry. Also, senior banking experts are not easy to found – there is a limited number of high skilled consultants that need to serve a large customers and prospects base.
Zero Distance Banking balances the need for cost efficiency and higher resources utilization with the need for high-quality and personalized customer service. Access a
captivating solution that will clearly differentiate your financial services from competitors, decrease back-office operating costs and increase your revenues and
customer engagement.
Designed to optimize business operations, increase revenue, customer engagement and loyalty, Zero Distance Banking solution based on StarCapture Anywhere empowers your sales force to reach its true potential regardless of customer’s location.
Leveraging Microsoft Skype for Business to deliver the best video experience and advanced functionalities for data capture, electronic document generation, digital &biometric signature and easy integration with core banking systems you can make a quantum leap in a the new era of zero-distance video-enabled banking that you put you light years away in front of your competitors.

Challenges and problems

Leverage digital and mobile technologies to enhance customer experience Enhance digital capabilities to provide a more personalized, streamlined and robust multichannel financial services.

  • Increase loyalty and total customer value. Deliver a multichannel customer experience based on the right combination of online and offline processes to drive more engagement;
  • Enhance customer experience via digital interaction through electronic forms but also provide access to high value experts through personal / human interaction regardless of the customer location;
  • Share a limited number of experts between large field sales team, customers and prospects;
  • Provide services that take full advantage of the “on the go, anywhere, anytime” nature of mobile devices;
  • Improve branch sales force performance with the latest technologies (desktop and application virtualization), tools, information and guidance to engage customers effectively;
  • Enhance digital capabilities to provide a more personalized, streamlined and robust online banking experience, to better address self-directed customers’ needs;
  • Reduce costs with end to end flexible paperless workflows integrated with core banking, CRM and other systems;
  • Increase efficiency of front and back office process through automatic data collection (OCR / ICR) and end-to-end business workflow;
  • Increase compliance end reduce company exposure with compliant archiving and full records management capabilities provided by a specialized back-end unified records repository.

Digital Transformation Scenarios

In Branch Customer & Teller in the Bank Branch

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